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Monthly Archives: December 2015

2015 results statistics

Its been a very enjoyable season with plenty of success.

Here are our result statistics for our 2015 season.

I’ve competed 10 horses this season based at our yard.

We’ve had 74 starts, of which we’ve had 70 competitive runs (starts minus voluntary withdrawals and HC runs)

Of these runs;

10% Wins

32% top 5 placings

46% top 10 placings

50% sub 30 dressage scores

48% double clears

50% of horses have had at least one win

13.3 is our leading dressage score this season

Individual performances of our horses

Percentage of top 10 placings/competitive starts

70% The Night Traveller

60% Spypark Ferro XS

56% Bloomfield Tiger Two

50% Redpath Ransom

50% Bonmahon Blue Mist

43% Midnight Ash

43% Duke of Axbridge

34% LVS Stonehavens Quebec

20% Kelsons Limited Edition

15% Storm Blue

The Night Traveller has proved to be a consistent performer with an awesome strike rate, leading the rosette chart this year!!

We are immensely proud of all our horses, and we are already very excited for next year!


Aldon Horse Trials

Well, this is our final event of the season.  Its been a great year and we were hoping for a super show to finish it off.

Aldon is a fairly local event for us, and it’s brilliant for cross country viewing with a bulk of the course being set in a bowl shaped field.  We were well supported, with all of our owners out in force to enjoy this lovely event and to celebrate our successful season.

Our striking grey, Bloomfield Tiger Two was on fire this Autumn.  He again produced a fantastic dressage test, posting another sub 30 score.

I think he knew it was his last show and he was clearly enjoying the show jumping and expressed himself with a few playful bucks throughout.  This did cause him to have one fence down, but it was lovely to have him still so enthusiastic at this stage of the season.

He stormed around the cross country, and gave me a great ride.  He flew through the water jumps, and received huge applause from the ever supportive ‘Ladies Club’.  His strength and stamina has improved and it felt as if he could have gone round again.  A great first season for this 5yr old!  We finished in 3rd.

Storm Blue got a bit spooked in his 1* dressage test, and this created a bit of tension throughout.  This spoiled what could have been a nice test and left us a bit off the pace after this phase.

On the flip side, The Night Traveller was as composed as ever.  He remained very attentive and produced an accurate, faultless test positioning us well inside the top 10.

Both of the horses jumped super clear show jumping rounds, which were very few and far between.  This moved them up the leader board going into the cross country.

Blue jumped a very electric, and flamboyant round.  He gave everything 6 inches, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of him.

The Night Traveller just oozed confidence in the ring.  He jumped a very professional round for a classy clear.

I started the cross country lying in second place on The Night Traveller.  I was a bit concerned that at the end of the course there was a very steep hill, and I set off with this in mind, and I wanted to keep a bit of petrol in the tank.

He jumped like a pro, and took the course in his stride.  He galloped through the finish well but gained a few time penalties.  Maybe I was a bit too conservative at the beginning of the course and I couldn’t quite make up the time at the end.  Although this dropped us down a couple of places, we were really pleased with 4th in his first 1*.

Storm Blue enjoyed the cross country.  He jumped superbly all the way around, and was well up on the clock.  You can’t beat a full thorough bred for an exhilarating cross country round!  He was unfortunate, when he jumped a little exuberantly off the step combination, and as I tried to anchor him in the rein he mis-read my instruction and turned to the side of the fence.  I could have kicked myself, as I feel I could have avoided these 20 penalties.  Other than that he was awesome, and I was very pleased with his efforts.  He showed me so much potential and I’m very excited about stepping him up to Intermediate next season.

My final ride was Spypark Ferro XS who was competing in the 6yr old section of the 1*.  He performed a pleasing dressage test, and although he showed a few moments of greenness, he produced a mistake free test.

The atmosphere around the show jump ring seemed to rattle Spypark Ferro, and he was a little distracted while jumping.  This resulted in us having two poles down.  Although this was a bit disappointing, we must remember he is very inexperienced and this is all part of his education.  I’m sure he will learn from this and next season he’ll be more prepared for the bigger events.

I felt the cross country was a decent ask for the young horses.  We felt it was best to let him dictate the pace and not to push him too hard.  He set off very enthusiastically, and was jumping fantastically.  He felt as if he was growing in confidence throughout, and by the second  half of the course we were in full gallop.  I was so pleased and very impressed with his performance.  We had a fab clear, with only 6 time penalties, and this rewarded us with a top ten place.

This had been just the experience we wanted for him, and we are looking forward to next season.


I’d like to thank all of my team, our owners and sponsors that have supported me this season.   It’s had its ups and downs and has produced many great memories.  I have had a very enjoyable year, and I look forward to a brief break before we get ready to start again!

See you all in 2016!!

Calmsden horse trials

Our Autumn campaign was going very well, and we set off to Calmsden full of confidence.  I had three horses on board the lorry, all to compete in the Novice sections.

Spypark Ferro led his section in the dressage, performing yet again a solid test.  His strength and balance has been improving all season which is creating better self carriage and cadence in this phase.

He jumped a super clear show jumping round over what was a pretty big track which left us clear leaders in his section.

With our next competition in mind, Aldon 1*, we set off in a nice rhythm aiming for a smooth round.  He gave me a super ride, but did pick up a few time penalties which dropped us into 3rd place.  This was another great result, and was the perfect preparation run for his up and coming International event.


Storm Blue performed another improving test for a very competitive score.

He jumped out of his skin in the show jumping and looked like never touching a pole.  He unfortunately over jumped the middle part of the treble combination which left him a little flat footed for the final part and he tapped it with his hind legs for 4 faults.

Blue thoroughly enjoyed the cross country, eating up the ground and skipping over the fences for fun.  He clocked one of the fastest times of the day around the course and earned himself eighth place.


The Night Traveller was hitting his best form again, and was definitely enjoying the extra give in the ground that the Autumn weather was bringing.  As always, he performed a very consistent test.

He jumped a classic show jumping round showing off his talent in this phase.

We had a good crack at the cross country course but could not quite make the tight time limit.  He was rewarded with a solid 6th place for his efforts.


It’s always great when every horse on the lorry travels home with a rosette.  A job well done!!

We take all of these horses to Aldon in a couple of weeks for their first 1* International.  You can’t ask for better preparation!