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2018 Year So Far

Its been a very patchy start to the season with a lot of the events being abandoned due to the excessively wet spring.  As I write this another competition, Withington has fallen to the bad weather and we’re all wondering what might happen with Badminton.

I didn’t feel as though I hit the ground running this year.  I know it’s down to the weather and ground but it’s still hard to accept when you don’t get the results you hope for.  We haven’t been able to turn our horses out at home because the fields are so wet.  Turn out with event horses is crucial in helping them balance their fitness levels and temperament.  Our horses have remained on their fitness programs yet haven’t had the events to go to or have the time out in the fields to blow off a bit of steam.  This always effects their performance when they do get a chance to compete as they’re very excited and feel extremely fresh.  Hopefully the weather will turn and the sun will shine, maybe we can then start our usual event season routines, after all, isn’t eventing a summer sport.

I have plenty of new rides this year ranging from BE100 through to advanced level horses.  It’s very exciting in the Team Bragg camp as we’ve got so many talented horses and so many enthusiastic and supportive owners.  I feel the next couple of seasons could see Team Bragg make a real stamp on the world event scene, the journey continues for world domination!!

Badminton is just around the corner and my two horses, Zagreb and Redpath Ransom are feeling well.  They haven’t quite had the smooth preparation that we’d planned but they’re both experienced horses and feel more than ready to take on the challenge.

It’s so exciting for me , the owners and all who’s involved with Team Bragg to be going to Badminton.  It’s a huge event and the aim for most of us.  I really hope I can do everyone proud and put in a solid performance.  It’s anxious times when you’re this close to the event, you can’t afford the horses top pick up a small injury or you may not go, will the horses comfortably gallop the distance on the xc, especially if the weather and ground is bad?  All these things run through your mind until you get there.  Once I’m there all of that anxiety and pressure goes and I really begin to enjoy myself.  If I’ve turned up I know my horses are ready, I know I’m ready and it’s now time for the other riders to watch out for me as we will be there 100% committed and me and my horses will push the other competitors to their max if they’re going to beat us.  It’s GAME TIME!!

Bring on Badminton!  I look forward to seeing everyone there, and don’t forget, if you see us on the course give us a cheer.  We love it!

Nunney International

William IX Novice

William preformed another good dressage jumping a lovely double clear, inside the time.

They finished in 5th place

Kelsons limited edition BE100

Another good dressage of 28

They also jumped clear inside the time finishing in 4th place

Double illusion BE100 Plus

This was our first time of stepping Louie up a level but as he had won his last 2 outings we had decided it was time!

He had dressage of 31.5 and jumped a super double clear inside the time.

They finished 3rd, we will now be stepping him up to Novice at Chepstow.

Duke of Axebridge (duke) CIC2star

We tried duke in a double bridle and he has been going much better in this.

He scored 64.4 in his dressage which was disappointing, one judge really liked him but the other gave him 20 marks less!!!

He was very cheeky in the sj which was disappointing but gave Alex a very good ride XC

Midnight Ash BE100

Ash scored 33.5 in the dressage which was disappointing but he took a dislike to the horse fly (not that I can blame him)

He jumped a very good double clear and they finished in 11th

Fiveberry (merv) Int novice

Merv was really good in the dressage scoring 33.5

He jumped much better and tried really hard but had an unfortunate pole.

He was super XC, clear inside the time.

At present the scores have not been posted for this section so I’m not sure where he has finished.

Friday at Bicton

Zagreb was competing in the open int. A very good dressage of 23.2 and jumping a fantastic double clear secured him 1st place :)) he certainly was a super star!!

Redpath ransom also competed in this class, much more settled in the dressage and just had an unfortunate pole.
He jumped a fantastic clear cross country leaving him to finish in 7th

Duke of axebridge competed in the int.
A little tense in the dressage but improving all the time.
He jumped a super double clear, so pleased with him.
He finished in 4th position

William competed in the novice.
He jumped a very lovely double clear finishing in 10th.
Just need to work on getting a more relaxed test!!

Ballendenisk International

Duke of Axebridge
Competed in the CIC2star
He got a little tense and distracted in the dressage but redeemed himself by giving Alex a super ride xc inside the time.

Redpath ransom
Completed in the CIC 3star
Unfortunately nerves and tension got the better of this guy in his dressage and sj which was a real shame, but that’s the nature of the sport!!
He did redeem himself by jumping an awesome clear xc inside the time!

A very successful trip for Zagreb!
He competed in the CCI2star
Scoring 46.1 in their dressage then jumping a fantastic clear xc inside the time!
Leaving them in second position going into the sj on the final day.
Nerves were a little high from all of us!!!
But they jumped a faultless clear allowing them to hold on to there 2nd position!!!!
They were absolutely fantastic!!!

Praise to Oliver Townsend who won the class!


Double illusion competed in the open PN
A good dressage of 32 just a little sharp causing him to lose a few marks.
Jumped a fantastic double clear leaving them in 2nd position :))
They have formed a real partnership!!
Jacandra also competed in the open PN
A very good dressage of 26.5
A little cheeky in the show jumping but redeemed himself by flying round the xc like a pro!
They finished in 4th place
So well worth getting up at 3.30

Very clever boys today!