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Team Bragg at Jardy 2018

We are just returning from what can only be described as an awesome trip to France. We headed over there as quite a small team. Just myself, Simmone and the super groom that is Heather. Percy, Alcatraz and Zagreb were all on board. They travelled well and were soon settled in. All of them were feeling good from their prep runs at Barbary last weekend. The sun also followed us from the UK and we were soon enjoying the amazing facilities.


Barbury International

Barbury is a great showcase for eventing.  The showground is set in the middle of a natural bowl shaped depression which creates the feeling of an amphitheatre.  The difference is, as a spectator, you get to stand in the middle and all of the entertainment goes on around you.  This makes it a super event for owners, sponsors and the public as you can see about 90% of the action from one spot.