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2015 results statistics 17th December 2015

Its been a very enjoyable season with plenty of success.

Here are our result statistics for our 2015 season.

I’ve competed 10 horses this season based at our yard.

We’ve had 74 starts, of which we’ve had 70 competitive runs (starts minus voluntary withdrawals and HC runs)

Of these runs;

10% Wins

32% top 5 placings

46% top 10 placings

50% sub 30 dressage scores

48% double clears

50% of horses have had at least one win

13.3 is our leading dressage score this season

Individual performances of our horses

Percentage of top 10 placings/competitive starts

70% The Night Traveller

60% Spypark Ferro XS

56% Bloomfield Tiger Two

50% Redpath Ransom

50% Bonmahon Blue Mist

43% Midnight Ash

43% Duke of Axbridge

34% LVS Stonehavens Quebec

20% Kelsons Limited Edition

15% Storm Blue

The Night Traveller has proved to be a consistent performer with an awesome strike rate, leading the rosette chart this year!!

We are immensely proud of all our horses, and we are already very excited for next year!