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The Team

Team Bragg!

There are so many people that work behind the scenes that are integral in keeping the ‘show on the road’.

While the limelight is on Alex and the horses when they are competing, we would like to thank everyone who keeps the horses feeling in top condition so they can perform to their potential.

You can only reach your targets with the best support possible!

Every competition team needs a good system and committed people operating with in it.

Please meet our dedicated grooms that cater to all of the horses needs and keep the horses in great working order.

Team Bragg:

The team work incredibly well with in the system.  They have developed through their time working for us and continue to improve.

There can be so many tasks that go unnoticed.  They work very hard providing the best day to day management of  the horses.  I wouldn’t be able to focus on my training without their continued support, they really are the cogs that keep the machine going.

They wouldn’t dream of having anything looking any less than immaculate!

We are extremely proud of them all.

Equine Therapist: Anna

Any athlete needs help keeping their bodies balanced and supple, and horses are no different.

It is inevitable that through training and competing muscles can become tired and sore, and sometimes damaged.

Anna spends a lot of time studying and treating each horse individually.  It’s so important for her to understand how the horses are when they’re fit so when assessing the horses in between events she can notice any differences.  Then she can effectively treat them so to keep them performing at their potential.

Anna is easy to communicate with and has been such an important member of our team in achieving success.

Vet: Tim Randle (The Stables Equine Practice)

Tim has been our vet for many years.  He has not only a wealth of knowledge in treating horses but has a keen interest in eventing.  He successfully evented in the past and is now involved in eventing with the pony division of team GB.  If you keep your eyes open you may see him at many of the International events fulfilling one of several roles.

You need to have 100% confidence in your vet as they will give you vital advice and help you make decisions that can have huge bearings on both the performances of the horses and regrettably sometimes their recovery from injury.

Tim is always available to discuss any concerns we may have no matter how trivial they seem.

Farrier: Alex Bragg (Me)

A conscientious farrier is very important in help keep the horses comfortable and working at their optimum.

Communication is key between the farrier, client and vet so to resolve any lameness or performance issues related to the feet.

I often have people ask if I’m a ‘corrective or remedial farrier’

I believe that every set of shoes that you apply should in some ways be ‘corrective’ as you should always be trying to improve something.

From a farriers perspective, please remember, a cup of tea goes a long way, lol.