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Camouflage (EHOS)

My first season with Rufus has been successful in many ways, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the Event Horse Owners Syndicate (EHOS) members.

Rufus achieved several top 10 placings, and established himself at the Novice/2* level of our sport.  I feel I’ve learnt many things about Rufus during this time; his habits, his likes and dislikes etc, which in turn has helped me to understand him more, and in turn train and manage him accordingly.

He has made a good friend in his stable mate, Shannondale Aldo.  They both are at the same competition level, are stabled next to one another, and get turned out together.  This has helped Rufus remain settled which has improved his temperament and confidence.  ‘There’s nothing like a good buddy to share time with’!

Our partnership is growing and we’re looking forward to next year!